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A substantial amount of quality daily time is spent in the confines of the bathroom. In fact some people consider it to be the most private and required corner of their life. Creative geniuses have known to come up with their best of output when thinking in the bathroom during their early morning routine or lazing in the bathtub. And a fine example of this was Galileo who devised his theory while in the bathtub and his excitement knew no bounds that he ran half way through town screaming ‘Eureka! Eureka’ drenched in soapy water.

Where is all this leading you? Well, to the basic essentials of taking pains in designing a comfortable bathroom, not only for you, but also the other members of the family. So what all needs to be taken into consideration as far as bathroom designs are concerned? Well, firstly size matters. A cluttered bathroom would just making a morning routine remain as a compulsory routine rather than a body-easing requirement. So it becomes a matter of all essentials, no cluttering and maximum space.

Arca Wood Designs can help you plan  your dream bathroom using our unique  Articad  3D modelling software.